Who We are

Rugged Premier League is a mix of virtual soccer gaming, celebrity interaction, interviews, current trends in the music industry, health tips/bits and a blend of contemporary genre of music in a life show of the gaming tournament.

It is designed and produced to permeate all aspect of the individual’s life for their social growth, development and well­being. The event is geared towards promoting good music and quality entertainment.

It will demonstrate how entertainment as a very strong tool for education and social change can help curb the growing negative trends among youths such as sexual abuse, abortion, drug abuse, as well as create awareness on HIV/AIDS while promoting peaceful co­existence among Nigerians.

RPL has a three-dimension objective which is, to inform, reform and transform Nigerians will also provide current and up-to-date information and knowledge for and the generality of Nigerians to make informed decisions about their choices and how it can affect their value system and conduct.

The events will also encourage talent discovery and inculcate in these young ones the right values, attitudes and life skills. Thus empowering them (through prize money and other incentives) to make meaningful contribution to their families, schools, and the society at large with their creative art gift, talents and potentials.