Ruggedman shared a video of how citizens can identify authentic Special Anti Robbery Squad operatives in Lagos State.

On his Instagram page, Ruggedman showed his followers, the red scorpion that is a standard part of the authentic SARS operative uniform, especially in Lagos.

He revealed that he is working with the new boss of OC SARS Lagos state, CSP Peter Gana, who was just got assigned the job recently.

He captioned the video he posted; “So back to my mission with the new OC SARS Lagos state, CSP Peter Gana.
He said a lot of people have been impersonating and carrying out terrible acts as SARS officials and he showed me how to spot fake sars. So I thought to share them with my people.

The real SARS have a red scorpion on their cap and jacket with the number 039 on them.
2. Sars units are only allocated 2 rifles. So any group of alleged sars officials you see with more than two rifles are fake.”

He, however, had some reservations about these means of identifying SARS operatives. He pointed out to CSP Gana that, “without a proper uniform, anybody (including armed robbers) can buy black t-shirts and print SARS on them.

2. They need proper mode of identification e.g. name/number badge to make tracing their station easy.
3. Since they are a special unit with so much negativity around them at the moment, it’s best to get them off the streets for now (unless when a special crime is happening) because the brutalisation, extortion, kidnapping and unlawful arrests of innocent Nigerians is too much.”

He added that his call to end SARS operation was borne out of the manner in which Nigerians are being treated by the security operatives. “We don’t have a problem with them dealing with confirmed criminals, but treating innocent Nigerians like animals is turning the country into a ticking time bomb.

Ruggedman encouraged his followers, who fall victims to SARS operatives to call him or send a video.

He then shared police details that citizens can call to report such cases.

Ruggedman has been one of the celebrities championing the cause of the #EndSARS campaign on social media.